vendredi 26 août 2011

Hunger in the Horn of Afrika: 350 millions dollars from AU. A Step

Yesterday 25 august 2011 at addis abeba took place a summit to find solutions for the hunger crisis in the horn of Africa. we were waiting kind of action. People were asking theirselves when a combine action of the states of the continent ?

The solutions for the moment is most a financial one. For the cause, 350 millions dollars will be disburse by the continent to help people in Est of Africa. 300 millions will come from the African Development BAnk, and the other 50 millions will come from the states.

It is true that it is not enough. For some participants at the summit, this confrence must has been historic , but they were disapointed by the low amount mostly from the states.

It is true. but it is something. What we are asking our leaders is to continue this kind of actions in others domains. They have to take the leadership on Africaproblems, not react when it is too late.

The conference was a step, an example to follow in any situations. Hope they will.

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