vendredi 26 août 2011

Hunger in the Horn of Afrika: 350 millions dollars from AU. A Step

Yesterday 25 august 2011 at addis abeba took place a summit to find solutions for the hunger crisis in the horn of Africa. we were waiting kind of action. People were asking theirselves when a combine action of the states of the continent ?

The solutions for the moment is most a financial one. For the cause, 350 millions dollars will be disburse by the continent to help people in Est of Africa. 300 millions will come from the African Development BAnk, and the other 50 millions will come from the states.

It is true that it is not enough. For some participants at the summit, this confrence must has been historic , but they were disapointed by the low amount mostly from the states.

It is true. but it is something. What we are asking our leaders is to continue this kind of actions in others domains. They have to take the leadership on Africaproblems, not react when it is too late.

The conference was a step, an example to follow in any situations. Hope they will.

vendredi 19 août 2011

Ways of empowering Youth in Africa..

From 26 to 28 july, the African youth had its first General Assembly in ABUJA in Nigeria.

It was a great occasion for young african's to be together and bring out what they think can help to reinforce youth capacities across the continent.

After the three days meeting a Youth declaration was set up (see here). The main wish for the youth is to see the creation of a UN agency for the Youth.

This agency could help to improve what is done on the field till now. It is also important to mention which actions for the youth can help empower the youth and allow a sustainable development.

In fact Youth are asking for Justice, Dignity and Real Empowerment. For this to be done they think African Goverments needs to work in order to allow:

- Bring out appropriate policies to give lands to youngs in order to improve the production..
- allow the Youth Participation in decision making;
- fight against unemployment and illeteracy of Youth;
- take in consideration the basic needs of the youth like livelihoods, education , and health;
- support innovation and enterpreneurship of the youth
- Bring a technical support to the youth to permit the building of sustainable agendas 
- organise the youth movement across africa.

All these will contribute to sustainable developpment in Africa.

But Ways of emporwering Africa Youth will not be sufficient. It is first important for the Youth to:

- establish themselves
- take their destiny in their hands to achieve their dreams
-Keep their optimism;
- be the messengers of peace, embrace diversity and support the Goverment to achieve sustainable development.

Hope this message will be heard by all youngs of the continent, that with the end of this first asssembly some actions will be done on the field. that those actions will consider  youth as partners.

We at Africa builders are working for long since 2000 to help The youth. Now we will continue our mission by setting up a project for a real empowerment of the youth.