vendredi 26 août 2011

Hunger in the Horn of Afrika: 350 millions dollars from AU. A Step

Yesterday 25 august 2011 at addis abeba took place a summit to find solutions for the hunger crisis in the horn of Africa. we were waiting kind of action. People were asking theirselves when a combine action of the states of the continent ?

The solutions for the moment is most a financial one. For the cause, 350 millions dollars will be disburse by the continent to help people in Est of Africa. 300 millions will come from the African Development BAnk, and the other 50 millions will come from the states.

It is true that it is not enough. For some participants at the summit, this confrence must has been historic , but they were disapointed by the low amount mostly from the states.

It is true. but it is something. What we are asking our leaders is to continue this kind of actions in others domains. They have to take the leadership on Africaproblems, not react when it is too late.

The conference was a step, an example to follow in any situations. Hope they will.

vendredi 19 août 2011

Ways of empowering Youth in Africa..

From 26 to 28 july, the African youth had its first General Assembly in ABUJA in Nigeria.

It was a great occasion for young african's to be together and bring out what they think can help to reinforce youth capacities across the continent.

After the three days meeting a Youth declaration was set up (see here). The main wish for the youth is to see the creation of a UN agency for the Youth.

This agency could help to improve what is done on the field till now. It is also important to mention which actions for the youth can help empower the youth and allow a sustainable development.

In fact Youth are asking for Justice, Dignity and Real Empowerment. For this to be done they think African Goverments needs to work in order to allow:

- Bring out appropriate policies to give lands to youngs in order to improve the production..
- allow the Youth Participation in decision making;
- fight against unemployment and illeteracy of Youth;
- take in consideration the basic needs of the youth like livelihoods, education , and health;
- support innovation and enterpreneurship of the youth
- Bring a technical support to the youth to permit the building of sustainable agendas 
- organise the youth movement across africa.

All these will contribute to sustainable developpment in Africa.

But Ways of emporwering Africa Youth will not be sufficient. It is first important for the Youth to:

- establish themselves
- take their destiny in their hands to achieve their dreams
-Keep their optimism;
- be the messengers of peace, embrace diversity and support the Goverment to achieve sustainable development.

Hope this message will be heard by all youngs of the continent, that with the end of this first asssembly some actions will be done on the field. that those actions will consider  youth as partners.

We at Africa builders are working for long since 2000 to help The youth. Now we will continue our mission by setting up a project for a real empowerment of the youth.

mardi 31 mai 2011

Can Panafricanism help to build Afrika ?

Our fellow fathers in their times thought  the possibility for Africa to be a great part of the world were to stay united.
But people like NKWAMEH NKRUMAH weren't not understand in their fight and the results is what we are leaving today: a continent of divisions and pains.


An institution like African Union (AU) is trying to to bring Africans together to talk with one voices on many important subject like, globalism, security, terrorism, growth, Development...with very poor results, caused of misunderstanding. 

While some political men like QADDAFI are calling for the unity of Africa through the UNITED STATES OF AFRICA, others think is not the moment, that Africa is not ready for that. But the question remain:


For MICHEL NKOUNOU, the answer is yes. He is lecturer in  Yaounde II University in SOA. He has just publish a book on on Panafricanism in Africa tittled : PANIFRICANIS: From the Crisis to the rebirth.
Dr NKOUNOU think since Africa is moving as we know, problems had not being solve. 50 Years afters the independence process  Africa remain the continent of political divisions, wars, diseases, corruption, problem's that can't help the continent in his development. that's why he think we Africans have nothing to celebrate 50years after.

Then , his book on Panafricanism from crisis to rebirth is a Project. a project to see how  Panafricanism can help to build the continent. the book demonstrate , which process can be use to united Africans countries? Which nature can take this model and how it will help in Africa development?


When answering those Questions, the lecturer proposed that a referendum must be held across africa to ask Africans if they want to be united, if they want to live in one country?
considering the Nature, the form that this panifricanism will have, the Doctor think it must be Federalism. 
This federalism will help Africa better solve his ressources problems for example. With federalism,  countries with many natural resources can help those with less.Federalism can also give one voices to the whole continent to have one say on important subjects.

Personally,  i think Panafricanism can help Africa. But my concern is to know if we are ready for that. i think no. It must be a process. we need to act deeply to bring Africans together on this concept. and the best way  for is the building of strong subregional areas.

In those Areas (CEDEAO, CEMAC, SADEC...), they have to teach Africans how to live together, to act and to expect together. Some regions are doing a lot on this way. But more remain to be done.
When people across Africa will be able to accept the lead of one person, when they will b ready to obey the same rules, when it will be able for them to move without any restrictions, to work where ever they want, to feel themselves like in one country at that time we could seriously think to build the United States of Africa.for that Political larders have a lot to do.


Dr NKOUNOU in PANAFRICANISM from the crisis to the rebirth  thought for the project to succeed, only black Africans Countries must be involve in the process, that Magrebhian countries due to a different culture, and history may be exclude.
really don't Know what to say? It seems to be a difficult question for us to meditate .... 

vendredi 27 mai 2011

Africa Builders: Beyond the TV Spots

It is interesting to see how African country are trying to make theirselves well known internationally. You just have to sit in front of your TV  to watch CNN, Euronews or Africa24 and you will see those well-done spots on africa countries promoting Tourism, Democraty, Health, Governance or Youth employment in Africa.


I think Yes! Around the world people don't really know Africa. Oh Yes! They Know the wild nature and the traditional  life but many europeans or Americans  and others  don't care about the people daily life in Africa and what is done in this continent for growth and developement .

Therefore, using TV to show what is done in Africa is good for the image of those african countries like Cameroon, Tchad, Gabon...and can help them to find partners that need to invest in their lands.


We need to do more for Governance, democraty  and growth become a reality in Africa. Our countries need to fight against corruption, if they want to reach better results on education, health and in others important domains.. It is also important to reach a good level of security across Africa.

But  what we are witnessing today in Africa is very far from that.... African's countries remain on top of most corrupt countries despites the strategies put on place to fight the phenomena.
The democracy process still have a long time to be fair, the business environment in many areas demand a lot of work and all those wars make the continent  a bad destination for investment  and tourism.

However step after step Africa is moving, something is done  and it important to make it known even by TV's spots. Meanwhile we have to keep working day after day to improve what have been done. We have to behave in such a way that Good governance, health for all, Security,Youth Employment, become more effective.

For that everyone know what remain to be done at his level. yes everyone Know !

vendredi 18 mars 2011

2011: Africa need Democratic leaders, populations and countries...

We were so happy at the end of the debate between OUATTARA and GBAGBO in Ivoiry coast the november 25th 2010. It was the first time to saw kind of meeting in the continent.

People follow the whole debate on TV proud to see two political men exchanging their ideas at that level. We thought a new day has come in Africa. That, it was time!!! Democratic time for the continent.We hope it was the example that others politicians will follow across the continent.

By following the Debate, Africans show their stong will to live another life, their need to have new political leaders and their whish to see those mens build a stong institutions in Africa, and therefore their hope to see those new politicians contribute in the development and the growth of their countries.

But today with what we are witnessing in Ivoiry Coast , Africans are so disapointed. They are understandanting that november 25th 2010 was a joke. That they still need those new mens in politics, that their wills are not taking in consideration, and that more need to be done...and i am afrraid they are right.

2011 will be a particular year in the continent. This year, 20 countries will organise many political events : Referendums, Presidential elections, (not less than 18 countries) etc.....

Among those countries are: Sudan, centrafrican Republic, Uganda, Camerooon, burkina-faso,benin, Cap-vert, Niger, Chad,Djibouti, Nigeria, Democratic republic of Congo,Egypt,Gabon,Madagascar, Zimbawe,zambia,mauritania

It is true that those events can meet some changes in their dates or occurency. But it not the important matter.

what it is important, is to have democratics elections: It is what Africans needs.
For 2011 we need countries that will show others, politicians who will demonstrate that it is possible. That it is not a fatality for our continent to always have post elections violences or wars. Africans want that... AFRICA, OUR CONTINENT NEED THAT

At the end of this year we will hav to says thanks for to those politicians and countries for the good politics behaviour. And i think it will be the time to set up a prize for that. I hope this idea will have some supporters.

By now some elections have already took place:the balance sheet is not too bad.We didn't understand many trouble in Uganda. And Elections were good organise in Niger and during the first part of the elections in Benin despite some difficulties.

Many other countries remains and they are big ones: the behaviour of their political boards and leaders will be important for the continent. 

At the end of 2011 we will be able to say if Africa is on the right way or if we are really bad.

mardi 8 mars 2011

Africa Development: How the new strategy of the world Bank will help build the continent?

Everyone know about the famous structural adjustment Program put on place by the world bank in the year 1980 in Africa. This programs were to help Africans countries to come through developement. But it wasn't the case.

For the populations, Consequences were many on social life. At least everyone agree that those programms were a bad strategy for the developement of the continent. A few countries benefit from those programms put on place whithout taking in consideration the africans needs.

Today the world bank is launching a new strategy for the developement of the continent. Why the strategy is different? what it is about? and how africans can benefit from this new strategy?

What the strategy is different?

It is important to notice that this new strategy is the result of a long plan consultation in Africa and worldwide.
For the worldBank, it was important to ask people how the development of africa can be done.. which areas the policies of the world bank need to be emphasies.. 

This appear in the words of Obiageli Ezekwesili, the Vice President of the World Bank for Africa Region."... We therefore used the opportunity of our new Africa Strategy to listen, learn and define how we could better support the continent's aspiration as it maintains the momentum of economic reforms over the next decade,”  She said. 

i remember i myself that i fill one of their forms. Then this new strategy of the worldbank today is not the product of worldbank experts only but is made with the participations of all.

More the strategy is a 10 years plan after which Africans economies are suppose to take off.
The strategy will put Africans citizens in the middle of the strategy, by allowing   more dialogue since they demand more participation in the development process of the continent.

At least the strategy is also different because the worldbank will act more like a partner for the developement of the continent. A partner to work with all those  involv in developpement through the continent.
Partner to support what is need to be done by the States, what is plan by the States in Africa, and not only give money for finance.

What the strategy it is about? 

Even today not  it is not easy to understand what the old strategy of the Bank, mainly those structural adjustment Programmm were about.

With the new 10 years action plan of the bank, 3 mains areas will be on top.

     1. Competitiveness and employment: in this domain, the Bank want to strenghned the working capacities in the continent, create more jobs for thousands of youngs coming from shools every year and make business easier. In this line, investment and infrastructure will need to follow in order to permit this objectives.

     2. Vulnerability and resilience :  Poverty in Africa is more emphasise by the existence of many deseases. The Worldbank for the 10 upcoming years will focus on health, climate change and strenghning goverments capacities for more equity in sharing national ressources.

      3. Governance and public sector capacity : The fight against corruption in Africa is more the fight against the active corruption: putting in place strategies to fight corruption and put in jail those who are responsibles of weak management of public funds.

But  nothing is done to fight the QUIET CORRUPTION. the new strategy of the bank aim to gives africans the information on what they should expect from their goverments.By doing this the bank will help those goverments to improve their capacities and systems to deliver basic services and manage accounts.

    How Africans can benefit from the strategy ?

After several years of public Aid and thousands of billions the african continent is always at the same place. If those financial resources has been well uses the economies of the continent would have take off.

That is why all need to be done by African and the Bank this time, to help africa benefit from the strategy. 
For that africans Goverment need to understand this new departure for their economies, sensitize their citizens on it.

The worldbaank need to be very careful in monitoring the implementation of the strategy. It have to emphasis in his partnership with the civil society and other partners than the Goverment, since the strategy is the will of the citizens of the continent.

mardi 15 février 2011

The Strenght of Africa

When talking about Africa, everyone agree that that part of world meet many problems: wars, deseases, poor education...

At the end of the 50th years after independance the balanceshiet of the continent remains negatives. It seems likes nothing can be done to save the continent.

But what people around the earth don't know  even africa themselves  is that this continenet has many capacities, more than  continent that have seen their development nowadays.

It is that message that our fathers  like LUMUMBA, NKRUMAH and now MANDELA tried to tell us: we need to build our continent.

It is time to do it know. We need to show another image of the world as southafrica did in 2010 with the footballworlcup.

We need to call women , men , boys and girls, Companies and institutions  to act for the Africa Renewal:

It is the reason why this site has been set up: who they are those trying to make something for Africa....? what are they doing...?

The Presentation the STRENGHT of Africa  will help everyone to join the movement and have some informations on the continent. Hope you will enjoy and share with others.