mercredi 8 décembre 2010

Drawing Competition open: A sign for Africa Development

The blog AFRICA BUILDERS is launching a drawing competition for a logo.

During the 50th anniversary of the independance of 17 Africans country, the main subject was the Development of the continent. Althought  many seminars were held, and many logos created for the occasion, it was no sign of unity. Each country try to celebrate the event by itself and inviting others. i didn't see a common actity , an activity organise by all these countries to call together all the son's of Africa.

There were many logos during the cinquantenaires each country with his own. But not a unique logo for the occasion for the whole africa. That lack of unity is not good for continent.

that's why i  launch this competition for me to have a logo, a sign , an image that can indicate what we are calling for, what we are working for ...what we are cryng for: a strong, unite and develop Africa.

This logo will be the sign for Africa Growth.It will have to be as a reminder for all Africans that it's time, when thinking at it or seing it each one will know it is time. 
Time for Africa to go forward, Time for Africans to work, Time for our country and continent to success.

This image will also be the logo of this blog and further for the website.

- Anyone can participate;
- Image of the logo will be forwarded by internet at :
- Deadline : January 31st 2011

After the deadline the received logo/image will be displayed for 2 weeks on the site and the Facebook group for members to vote for the best one.

The winner, after this process will receive a price of at least 100 000 FCFA/ from the owner of the blog AFRICA BUILDERS.

P.S: After the payment the logo will remain the property of the blog.

Thanks for your participation

Africa Builders who are they... what are they doing for the continent?

I am happy to create this blog

It is time for the continent to move forward. 

Are you an individuals, society or institutions?

Are you doing something special for the continent? for your contry? something that can help your coutry or the continent to growth and go ahead? Something can have a deep impact on the populations across your coutry or Africa?

Are you in the Education - Economic - humanitarian - Culture -  Sports domains?

do you know someone or something like that  who can be pick as an example in the continent ? Of course you do. 

Let us know. let other know. It is time to show what is done for Africa's Growth.

 Just send a small text, with a photo and a link if possible,and we will display him/it here.

It is your place is our place... Come and see... Another Continent...Another Africa is possible.