mercredi 25 juillet 2012

Olympics GAmes 2012: A chance for AFRICA ?

When this great event is there everyne is asking how much Medals will be win by China, United States, France, Great Britain and so on....Never by Africa.
                                                                                     I Hope this game will be another moment for the sons of the continnent to show our strenght. I strongly hope we will do our best.  E ven if Africa is not of top of medals rank, we expect from all these men and women  to make their brother all across the continent to be proud of them. In a spirit of RESPECT- BROTHERHOOD and FAIRPLAY. GOOD LUCK TO ALL ATHELETE

I am running this Africa Builders Project for some years now. i want to gtake the occasion of these game to go a step forward. since the launching of the project, it is difficult to run out activities. The London 2012 olympics games give the opportuny for our teams to call out for donations in order to collect some funds . With that money, it will become easy to promote our concept  by organising and support some activities that we think important for the development of the country.
From today to the end of the month of August, AFRICA BUILDERS is launching an operation to raise funds named:  OLYMPICS GAMES : DAYS OF CELEBRATION DAYS OF DONATION.
African or not, find yourself free to support the opération. Donate and your donation will help  in education, water or food sipply across AFRICA.  Use this email for donations onMONEYBOOKERS ( or use the next  link to donate

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