vendredi 27 mai 2011

Africa Builders: Beyond the TV Spots

It is interesting to see how African country are trying to make theirselves well known internationally. You just have to sit in front of your TV  to watch CNN, Euronews or Africa24 and you will see those well-done spots on africa countries promoting Tourism, Democraty, Health, Governance or Youth employment in Africa.


I think Yes! Around the world people don't really know Africa. Oh Yes! They Know the wild nature and the traditional  life but many europeans or Americans  and others  don't care about the people daily life in Africa and what is done in this continent for growth and developement .

Therefore, using TV to show what is done in Africa is good for the image of those african countries like Cameroon, Tchad, Gabon...and can help them to find partners that need to invest in their lands.


We need to do more for Governance, democraty  and growth become a reality in Africa. Our countries need to fight against corruption, if they want to reach better results on education, health and in others important domains.. It is also important to reach a good level of security across Africa.

But  what we are witnessing today in Africa is very far from that.... African's countries remain on top of most corrupt countries despites the strategies put on place to fight the phenomena.
The democracy process still have a long time to be fair, the business environment in many areas demand a lot of work and all those wars make the continent  a bad destination for investment  and tourism.

However step after step Africa is moving, something is done  and it important to make it known even by TV's spots. Meanwhile we have to keep working day after day to improve what have been done. We have to behave in such a way that Good governance, health for all, Security,Youth Employment, become more effective.

For that everyone know what remain to be done at his level. yes everyone Know !

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