vendredi 18 mars 2011

2011: Africa need Democratic leaders, populations and countries...

We were so happy at the end of the debate between OUATTARA and GBAGBO in Ivoiry coast the november 25th 2010. It was the first time to saw kind of meeting in the continent.

People follow the whole debate on TV proud to see two political men exchanging their ideas at that level. We thought a new day has come in Africa. That, it was time!!! Democratic time for the continent.We hope it was the example that others politicians will follow across the continent.

By following the Debate, Africans show their stong will to live another life, their need to have new political leaders and their whish to see those mens build a stong institutions in Africa, and therefore their hope to see those new politicians contribute in the development and the growth of their countries.

But today with what we are witnessing in Ivoiry Coast , Africans are so disapointed. They are understandanting that november 25th 2010 was a joke. That they still need those new mens in politics, that their wills are not taking in consideration, and that more need to be done...and i am afrraid they are right.

2011 will be a particular year in the continent. This year, 20 countries will organise many political events : Referendums, Presidential elections, (not less than 18 countries) etc.....

Among those countries are: Sudan, centrafrican Republic, Uganda, Camerooon, burkina-faso,benin, Cap-vert, Niger, Chad,Djibouti, Nigeria, Democratic republic of Congo,Egypt,Gabon,Madagascar, Zimbawe,zambia,mauritania

It is true that those events can meet some changes in their dates or occurency. But it not the important matter.

what it is important, is to have democratics elections: It is what Africans needs.
For 2011 we need countries that will show others, politicians who will demonstrate that it is possible. That it is not a fatality for our continent to always have post elections violences or wars. Africans want that... AFRICA, OUR CONTINENT NEED THAT

At the end of this year we will hav to says thanks for to those politicians and countries for the good politics behaviour. And i think it will be the time to set up a prize for that. I hope this idea will have some supporters.

By now some elections have already took place:the balance sheet is not too bad.We didn't understand many trouble in Uganda. And Elections were good organise in Niger and during the first part of the elections in Benin despite some difficulties.

Many other countries remains and they are big ones: the behaviour of their political boards and leaders will be important for the continent. 

At the end of 2011 we will be able to say if Africa is on the right way or if we are really bad.

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