mardi 15 février 2011

The Strenght of Africa

When talking about Africa, everyone agree that that part of world meet many problems: wars, deseases, poor education...

At the end of the 50th years after independance the balanceshiet of the continent remains negatives. It seems likes nothing can be done to save the continent.

But what people around the earth don't know  even africa themselves  is that this continenet has many capacities, more than  continent that have seen their development nowadays.

It is that message that our fathers  like LUMUMBA, NKRUMAH and now MANDELA tried to tell us: we need to build our continent.

It is time to do it know. We need to show another image of the world as southafrica did in 2010 with the footballworlcup.

We need to call women , men , boys and girls, Companies and institutions  to act for the Africa Renewal:

It is the reason why this site has been set up: who they are those trying to make something for Africa....? what are they doing...?

The Presentation the STRENGHT of Africa  will help everyone to join the movement and have some informations on the continent. Hope you will enjoy and share with others.

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